That modernity inspired by Oscar Wilde. “First of all free and hip; then I like to think about him as an artist“: Gabriele Pasini describes so the kind of man who inspires his menswear. “Gabriele Pasini” is the name of both the designer and the brand; a line born in the heart of Lardini, fortunately not included in the “capsule collections” family (a so widespread as boring phenomenon that, in the 90 percent of the cases, is completely useless). Pasini is real,wide, complete and really smart collection, on the boundary between casual/fashion and classic. Many ideas and charme. A classic menswear that refers to a contemporary Oscar Wilde, a sign of substance and stylistic skills/freedom. The jacket made of tech-fabric with a 3d camouflage pattern, worn with the 3 pieces suit – with a double-breasted waistcoat – made of a “textured” fabric, conveys a very personal and characterizing style: not easy to reinvent, but the final result is not only pleasant, is convincing. “My fashion sticks to tradition: it doesn’t give up the noble and fine roots of classic wear”. Pasini managed to find the connection between old-fashioned beauty and trend: the mission wasn’t simple, but he hit the mark, congratulations. Camouflage pattern Gabriele Pasini; (white background) 3 pieces suit Gabriele Pasini, picture by Jacopo Moschin fos Sportweek.

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