Discrete luxury for men. Two pictures, one of 2006 e one of today, in comparison. On the M cover you can see a coat from the last Dior Homme collection designed by Hedi Slimane, while the other shows a look from the Brioni’s ss 2014 collection, designed by Brendan Mullane. In both cases we find refinement and a very distinguishing and up-to-date thinking of luxury: a modern sign of splendor and greatness. What is, today, luxury: can it be the opulence of Versace, Fendi and Vuitton or a subtle but perceivable particularity that represents it in a more discrete way? Discrete, in this case doesn’t mean invisible; the contrasting silhouette drawn on Dior coat and the ir-regular motif on Brioni’s sweater are anything but “invisible”, but the richness of style is not made of golden studs or sumptuous coloured leather, but of very fine fabrics and perfect cuts. The goal has been achieved, the concept of modern luxury is legitimized through a style that involves personality and tact. Without devaluing the designers who prefer ostentation, loved and preferred by fashionistas all over the world and – honestly – by me as a stylist, it seems that the future of menswear is going to take the opposite direction. The M cover (2006) shot by Johan Sandberg; below a ss14 Brioni outfit.

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