That work fabric become a must. In our wardrobes there’s surely a denim garment. Everybody owns a pair of “five pockets”, and many of us have got at least one shirt and a piece of outerwear. In recent times, denim canvas has been proposed by Prada and Raf Simons as a fabric for suits and Moschino -as always- made it a cult.  Not to mention the jeans lines created by designers in the “made in Italy” age: exactly in 1985, De Niro wore a denim shirt on the cover of the first issue of Max. In a few words, that fabric born to make work clothes, after the cultural revolution in ’68, has written an important part of fashion and costume history, and carries on with its mission of being a timeless trend. Stone Island since many years ago has reread successfully in an original and surprising way a lot – during its history-  of denim pieces, shaped and transformed by the intuition of a designing team headed by the president, Carlo Rivetti. Among the most eccentric garments, there’s the Seventies-inspired dungaree, the stone-washed trousers with their worn look mood; and even the sweatshirt, that thanks to Stone Island, in 2009 has become a trait d’union between fashion and freestyle. Today, wisely in line with the bicycle trend, it proposes stretch denim trousers with a reflective logo print in the right leg inner, to turn-up to be visible in the dark. Still life: Cycling Pants by Stone Island, P/E 2014. Picture by Toni Thorimbert for Max Denim: denim sweatshirt Stone Island.

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