The impercebtible change of shapes. The commercial success of Prada is not “only” based on the essentially classic soul of its collections, revised every season according to new trends; an update maintained thanks to very slight changes in fabrics (the patterns, from the marked checks to the weak ones), in shapes (lapels two cm wider or narrower) and in leather finishing (shoes can be made of leather in solid or fading colour). The secret of Prada stays in reaching the approval of fashionistas, but especially in extending the strongest contents of the collections to traditional menswear. “My vision of fashion is absolutely up-to-date. I want to highlight the more human and sensitive side of people. And to check on what men really want to wear. I like real, apparently normal, fashion. And for this winter I designed the perfect classic clothes of today: the perfect trousers, the perfect coat…”, so Miuccia Prada describes her “apparently normal” show. The styling re-marks an “apparently” flawed man that wears “normal” clothes. The mix of prints (micro and macro checks), the bright colour matched with the hyper-classic charcoal, the shirt with a frill that can be removed: precious details that guide men’s taste. The outcome of a brilliant creativity in ferment.

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