The importance of knowing how to mix. The collection designed by Stefano Pilati for Ermenegildo Zegna reconciles an excellent knowledge of fabrics and styling and a grounded and good connection with tradition. Zegna is his world; in if tomorrow Giorgio Armani will decide to pull out, Pilati would be the only one able to replace him without retracting the DNA of the King. His secret is based on simplicity in tailoring, enriched by magnificence of fabric and a very refined selection of shades. The result of his debut will be in stores from January, with a collection including also overcoats: a demi-forgotten piece in the mosaic of menswear (if a man has at least a little awareness of fashion, his collection of clothes must be necessarily multiform), to whom Pilati gives back meaning and dignity. “I have a very colourful collection of clothes, so I can combine many different looks” says Pilati, and stabilizes an idea that defines “brokes suit”: “The highest grade of chic is matching the jacket of one suit with the trousers of another, provided that their shades merge with harmony and it looks like a suit in turn. A suit that – however – reveals a big personality”. If his Zegna s/s collection has already been an elation of materials and shapes, I imagine something really exciting for Winter 2014 Collection, that we’ll see in January: I’ll keep you up-to-date real-time on

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