The last goal of the real dandy. The real dandy, and it has been said lots of times, doesn’t care about conventions: this is a doctrine expressed through behaviour and consequently through clothes. The dandy’s tendency, that in the early ‘900 was provocation, with results we can imagine especially because he belonged to homosexual world, nowadays has ovverruled the original inclination, so much that it concerns, viceversa, a certain kind of eterosexual man. Surpassed the “metrosexual” era, today there are many men that choose a different clothing from the traditional one, trying to satisfy on one side the need to stand out, and on the other side the desire to own luxury garments. What characterizes this occurrence and makes it intriguing, is – now as then – the absolute indifference to others’ judgement; the choice of a dandy-like suit surely leads to a specific direction, opposite from the “macho”‘s one, but if it could be confusing for many, the real dandy doesn’t care. That innovative look, matched with a silk scarf around the neck or a printed bow-tie under a smooth velvet tuxedo, soften the appearance without drifting into ambiguity: if you have any doubt, clear out your mind, because standing out from the crowd with great taste is a real art. Max 2001, picture by Michael Wolley, clothes by Roberto Cavalli. Style 2013, picture by Paola Dossi, velvet tuxedo by Louis Vuitton.

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