When the coat becomes an accessory. There are very strict rules about clothing: for example, the last button of the jacket must be kept unfastened and the single-breasted suit must be buttoned only if we wear a coat or a trench on it. But the dress etiquette is more open-minded than yesterday, easing a wider freedom of choice and manners, because fashion, also male fashion, is for its definition renewal and change. Some time ago I read an article written by a colleague, that deprecated some details, two of which particularly stroke me: absolute no to polo shirt’s lifted collar and to the coat (or jacket) leant on the shoulders. I completely agree with the first one: the lifted collar is a sign of ostentation and arrogance, moreover of little refinement. The outerwear leant and not worn, that is usually  a result of a temporary situation of comfort, can reveal a certain kind of nonchalance that disgress in dandysm. A self-conscious posture can afford to wear a piece of cloth as an accessory: it could be a very chic attitude, especially if the subject is chic. Aaron Olzer, photographer and movie-maker, in a picture by Luigi Miano for

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  • antonio guarraci | 5 settembre 2013 alle 08:33

    concordo in pieno…..aborro il colletto stile ufo. e anche per il cappotto