Current style shot 20 years ago. A 1994 Harper’s Bazaar Uomo cover that could be, from many points of view, a current fashion picture. Let’s start with the screaming headlines. We read “Pelle in technicolor” (that means “Technicolor leather”), and Miuccia Prada’s next f/w collection seen last January in Milan, where classic colours of menswear and yellow and light blue leather jackets merge, immediately comes to our mind. “Sofisticati e moderni in grigio e bianco” (that means “Sophisticated and modern in grey and white”) suggested an usual and soft color-matching, but trendy at that time, if we think that we had just left the eighties’ excess: and, nowadays, Corneliani has proposed wonderful charcoal suits and coats, mixed with pure white poplin shirts. And then, “Warm coloured & Easy Chic Knitwear”, and think about how colorful knitwear – now- is a protagonist, as well as the outerwear. At the end, look at the picture: pointed collar shirt, today re-edited by Roberto Cavalli, and checks, that almost every designer has proposed again. The “slim fit” suit reflects a current trend that comes and goes, but resists in time anyway. Basically, only the grooming and the light used for this shoot – a “ring light”: a circular neon tube that cool the colors- reveal the decade. All the rest of it, still belongs to present, even if twenty years have gone by. Harper’s Bazaar Uomo, September 1994. Picture by Davide Cernuschi, clothes by Paul Smith.

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  • The Man Mood | 31 luglio 2013 alle 08:12

    Alessandro mi sa che oramai non c’è più nulla da inventare, lato creativo e stilistico, piuttosto c’è ancora molto da lavorare sulle persone per fargli capire che aver un proprio stile a volte è molto meglio dell’abbigliarsi con le ultime uscite in passerella.