Fashion photography is a “dream”. It means technique but also imagination and splendour; on set fashion becomes a means for building a picture. While, during fashion shows, I watch the collections, I’m already thinking about the fashion shootings I could do; my editorials are always linked to a context, achieved thanks to artistic intuition that I developed in many years of experience: I rarely make or commission “Pure Fashion” shootings, because today I’m so far than I used to be from the trade magazines’ mentality. The readers of the paper and web magazines for which I work, are not fashion-addicted, just like me: the best thing to do is to capture their attention through a storyline, just like a movie. The picture I choose for this week is taken from a shooting by Stefan Giftthaler, one of the most visionary and fascinating photographers of last generation; thanks to Rizzoli, we have at our disposal great photographers, the most beautiful men in the world and – naturally- all the fashion we desire: I couldn’t ask for more, to realize ideas that our designers evoke to me. Picture taken from Style magazine by Stefan Giftthaler. Model Jonathan Frenk, clothes by Corneliani.

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