The white suit is a must have for the male summer wardrobe, but it’s also an iconic garment, that brings us back to past. In particular, the total white has been loved by many celebrities, in that period from the end of the Fifties to the mid Sixties. Visconti, De Sica, Mastroianni, Pasolini, Gassman: black and white movies from that era, that showed a growing Italy in a thorny historic period, during which the working class also dressed with elegance and decency, depicted men full of fascination, with a unique and unattainable style. Both actors and film-makers were “chic”: from that point of view, everything was more special. Today there’s a lack of “good manners”, certainly not of clothes. It needs to retrieve a certain way of behave, it’s not true that “today there are not the clothes of the past”, instead there are not the manners of the past: a good suit is not enough, without politeness and charme. This year there are thousands of white suits, in a large variety of models and fabric: choose yours but, then, wear it with the proper attitude. Actor Fabio Troiano in a total look by Giorgio Armani. Picture by Marco La Conte for

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