I have mentioned here a few weeks ago a style very popular back in the days, sweaters tucked into pants. The social media response hasn’t been positive. To be more specific it wasn’t my intention to suggest such a look to our readers, although I was expressing my opinion about that particular outdated yet not unpleasant style from the past, which is what I usually do when I write this column. Armani and Dolce & Gabbana have been using that combination many times for advertising and fashion shows, fashion victims have been copying the style and often unfortunately with dreadful results… especially because sweaters used to be “thick” so on a full bodied figure the waistline was getting alarmingly big. We should consider that trousers used to be loose-fitting and not straight like nowadays so it was a balanced result of proportions after all. Long live to cigarette trousers! Too bad that when you stand up they stick to your socks. In conclusion, I can confirm that if the oversized trend could ever make a come back- body structure allowing- I would still appreciate the final result. In fact to tell you the truth, if my figure it’s slender enough and the sweater tight-fitting, personally, I tuck it in. In the picture, top model Greg Hansen at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, 1992.

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