Layers, weights and patterns, they’re nice but dangerous. A men who is gifted with personality and taste, can make an attempt mixing and matching unusual combinations without neglecting composure and sense of measure. Printed and elaborated fabrics can coexist, especially during the winter time when we can get layered. There’s a wide variety of choices but that could also be confusing, so if you feel like pushing the boundaries with an unconventional look my impartial advice would be to follow your instinct being careful not to overdo it: if it doesn’t feel comfortable it’s just better to give up. There are knitted blazers with removable linings which are as worm as a paletot, it is possible to wear them on top of a suit which should be in worsted wool and not in tweed or any other “thick” fabric, because having two similar kind of wool rubbing against each other is not flattering as it makes you look bigger. However there are some tight-fitting, sleek designed fabrics (almost optical as the twill in the picture) to wear in contrast with the jacket-coat thickness. To conclude, a small geometric patterned shirt to match the micro-windowpane check fabric of the outerwear in the same nuances would work. In this cases, to soften up such an original ensamble, one should keep the accessories classic and simple in order not to pointlessly force it. Yes, very fashionable, but with balance and common sense. Picture: knitted wool blazer by Giorgio Armani; Herringbone wool suit by Zegna.

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