Sunglasses have been a must-have since the maisons have decided to focus on accessories, realizing ad hoc advertising campaigns. Always keeping an eye on savings though: while they are shooting the colletion, in the same location, with the same sobjects and -obviously-the same photographer, they take some pictures on the side to represent the most desiderable of all designer accessories: sunglasses. Corrective lenses are for every season, but now the same strategy it’s being applied to sunlenses, which are not anymore being proposed only from april to july, the “hot” magazine issues. It’s interesting to think about how our habits have changed, if we take a look at our family album’s pictures prior to the 80s.
Before then, sunglasses were only used for practical reasons. Only celebrities used to wear sunglasses even on rainy days or indoor, but as always, society is indulgent with them. Even though I’m not part of the Very Important People, I can’t resist the temptation of hidind my eyes even during the winter, is it that arrogance or insicurity? Mah. One thing is for sure: not taking your sunglasses off while you’re having a conversation it’s a sign of intolerable rudeness.

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