Let’s pretend I don’t know who the man in the picture is. I wouldn’t find him handsome or particularly interesting either.Then I find out he’s Anthony Hopkins and I change my mind: the VIP persuasive power. Be careful though, it’s a damn thin line between comfort and scruffiness, one’s got to be aware of that even walking the dog on a sunday morning, imagine for other occasions. Everyone is free to wear whatever they feel like, just remember that a cartain casual way of dressing, which has been deceiving us for years with the illusion of appearing younger, could be persuading a distracted passer-by to leave you some spare change: “here, good man have a coffee!”.
In any case I am talking to the twenty year olds too, they also cannot escape the clochard effect. Dowdiness it’s not good for them either.
In the picture on the right , Anthony Hopkins on set in Rome, by Rino Barillari.

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