The most common alternative to a suit it’s a cardigan, which is a buttoned pullover. A woolen blazer instead of one made of cloth, makes your outfit look less severe, and helps you get a soft, reassuring figure. I only recommend not to wear this outfit if you want to dress to impress or if you’e about to have a meeting where you wish to show how confident and professional you are. In that case you should go for a suit. A short cardigan sweater, Is more related to a classic way of dressing, it defines your body structure and it always works, even for those shorter than average height. A longer cardigan which goes down over your belt, would fit more taller non-skinny men. Less common and more modern but harder to match (Never wear it with close fitting trousers for example). Giorgio Armani has been proposing it so many times because it well represents the Armani-man’s identity: not taller than 1.85 cm, with big shoulders and strong legs.You can see the result from yourself in the picture: it’s a timeless look. Hard to resist. Picture taken with Instagram from a 2001 “Uomo” editorial. Original picture by Norman Watson.
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