Contemporary dandy’s aesthetic.

How many times have you read the sentence “for this season, the designer’s concept was contemporary dandy”? I heard this phrase a lot.Too often I hear people talking about dandyism as soon as a three pieces suit with pocket handkerchief and tie shows up.Too many times dandys are erroneously mentioned in the presence of an impeccable suit, to emphasize a classic look that has been edited and re-edited over and over.
“Dandyism”, back in the days and still today, is more than just a look. It was born in the XIX century as a pro-individualistic cultural movement, with a transgressive and eccentric attitude and despise for omologation. The look, unconventional and sophisticated just came as a conseguence. Designers like Etro, Westwood and Van Noten always loved the style of this (rare) kind of man. It is a very strong aesthetic this year thanks to the Prada and Dolce & Gabbana fall/winter collections: the first one with an intellectual touch and refined details, the second one more formal and all about manufacturing and richness of the fabrics. Picture from the Dali’ inspired Style’s editorial.The autor is Jacopo Moschin, dressing gown by Etro Home Collection.

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