Men look good in white. French.

The “A history of Men’s Fashion” volume by Ferid Chenoune it’s a must for every fashion insider’s library.I refere to it a lot, not just to find inspiration for my shootings.Once I was flipping through the pages, and a picture from the 30s grabbed my attention.It was Tino Risi ( french singer and actor) in white double brested .
This portrait has a touching haze, that flawless artist’s style, that suit simply amazing.
But the total white is old fashionable and even too evocative of seaside landscapes and Riviera to be weared in the city.There is a secret to be able to wear a total white and to not seem ridicolous, a strong personality and gentle somatic traits.The rest is attitude.Beauty has nothing to do with it, it’s all about non chalance.A good way of going white it’s not to feel exceptional for wearing an exceptional outfit, otherwise you will fell everyone’s eyes on you and the awkwardness will be tangible.
At the end of the day non chalance is the key, which unfortunately is rarely proper of italian men.The model of this week’s picture is in fact french, just like Rossi.

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