MAX 2011

Un omaggio ad alcune tra le più belle piazze d’Italia, di una classicità rigorosa e senza tempo, come gli outfit scelti da Carlo Ortenzi e fotografati da Michael Woolley. Qui l’abito Ermenegildo Zegna si sposa con la bolognese Piazza Santo Stefano.


MAX 2008

The “explorer” is one of the main trends of spring/summer 2017. A trend that was fashionable also in 2008, but in a more rude version: stone-washed denim, leather, metal details. Ph. Federico Miletto, Styling Carlo Ortenzi.


MAX 2011

Formal elegance in informal mood. The Gucci patterned tuxedo reinterpreted in this picture by Marco Falcetta with styling by Carlo Ortenzi.


MAX 2009

Italian actor Filippo Nigro in Versace. Photo by Francesco Brigida, Styling Carlo Ortenzi.
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Snakeskin. Edoardo Purgatori is a roman actor. He was born in 1989, from german mother and italian father (Andrea Purgatori, screenwriter and journalist). He starts his career in theatres. His debut in a tv series is in 1997, but he doesn’t give up the stage, where he acts in italian, english (The Glass Menagerie and The Shape of Things) and german. He has already acted in a dozen of movies. We’ve worked with Edoardo for several fashion shootings. He’s a sensitive, polite, determined man. He owns such a natural elegance, that he can wear a snake jacket and a pair of jeans without looking like a naff (this was the risk). But follow my advice: wear leather with finer fabrics. Not with jeans, absolutely not total leather. Unless you have the appeal of Brando (do you remember The Fugitive Kind, 1959?) or Edoardo Purgatori, indeed. The actor Edoardo Purgatori in a picture of Luigi Miano for Max (2010).