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The tie is back. “Have you changed your job?”. This is how a meeting between me and a communication specialist started. That’s because I was wearing suit and tie. That’s because the tie is considered unfashionable. Well, I wasn’t offended by that. Because actually the tie is a little disappeared from catwalks during the last seasons, but it’s also true that one among the most cutting-edge designers, Virgil Abloh, has revived it for next Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter collection. So what? So habits and trends come and go, they disappear and then come back after years. So, take your ties out of the wardrobe. Signed by Marinella, Hermès, Armani. Or adopt new ones, from the same “traditional” brands or from young international brands.


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Outside the box. Mastroianni, Paul Newman, Anthony Perkins. In the 50s white socks were a menswear’s classic. They’ve been usually worn for almost four decades. 80s: Michael Jackson brings them back into fashion, followed up by George Michael and even by Loredana Bertè and Donatella Rettore. But from the early 90s , here’s the death foretold of off white socks, and the accessory disappears. Actually, it’s banned and pointed out as trash. But the doubt remains: why were they ok for James Dean, Steve McQueen, Duran Duran and are not for us? But now, that fashion shootings have revaluated the “prohibited” accessory, things have changed. Let’s be outsiders, according to your personality. And use fashion to convey a sign of rebellion against conformism.


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Bike is trendy. Maybe Milan wasn’t ready; but sooner or later such an international metropolis had to start a process of evolution towards a conscious future. But every two posts of the mayor Beppe Sala, there’s (still) someone who: “Why don’t we talk about the bycicle lanes in corso Buenos Aires?”. I pass there every day by car on my way to the office and, at first, I admit that adapting wasn’t simple; so much so…and I didn’t need so much time to get used to that. I could do nothing more wrong than stating which is the best attire to ride a bike; clothing brands specialized in sportswear, as well as in formal wear and fashion, have legitimized all the possible variations for the outdoor, that – today – can’t be described as “free-time wear” anymore. And now, the bike is the real trend, since we’re in the midst of Giro d’Italia…


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The elegance of the rapper. The clothes don’t make the rapper. Take Daveed Diggs, the talent on the cover of the latest Style Magazine. He has critized the USA, infact the title of the interview is “I’m not proud of being American”. I very barely know rap music but, after watching Diggs starring in the Netflix series Snowpiercer (inspired by the namesake movie by Bong Joon-Ho, the Korean director of Parasite) with Jennifer Connelly (the girl that in Dario Argento’s Phenomena trained insects), and in Wonder with Julia Roberts, I started to follow him on Instagram, where he has almost one million followers, and, incredibly, I started to appreciate also his music genre. And I liked the fact that he agreed for Style Magazine to wear clothes far away from the standards and the clichés of the rapper. Proving that talent doesn’t need labels.



Classic, always. A summer, many years ago, my mother – who was close to her eighties – was invited for dinner by a couple. One of them showed up at the restaurant with combat boots, ripped jeans and tank top; as I recall he wore around his wrist a nice series of studded black leather bracelets. The day after my mother, who was very open minded but there’s a line, with her quiet tone of voice told me that she had found a little inappropriate inviting an elderly lady and showing up dressed like Tom of Finland (this is mine, it goes without saying that mum didn’t know the character by Touko Laaksonen). She stuck to the most classic of the classics: “In the end, what does it take? I didn’t expect the jacket: a nice white shirt with dark trousers and you never go wrong”. Maybe even mum knew that in addition to not making you look bad ever, a simple white shirt with a barely starched collar can be even sexy.