40-MODA-R-schema-libero_Storia7(1)Man in black. In the book Zeitgeist (published by Bandecchi & Vivaldi) that collects some pieces by Giuseppe Veneziano presented in 2010 during the exhibition with the same name, there’s a chapter dedicated to Villains. Veneziano, born in 1971 and recognised by critics and specialised magazines as one of the spokespeople of italian New Pop and of the group “Italian Newbrow”, like every artist worth of respect is fascinated by the dark side. “All the evil represents a potential vitality needy of transformation”, wrote the psychoanalyst Sheldon Kopp. And the sicilian artist depicts archetypes of comic-books. But pay attention, if you want to see how Venziano depicted the quintessentially Villain, unfortunately really existed, that is Adolf Hitler, look for his Madonna of the Third Reich, that horrified so much the bishop of Lucca and the archbishop of Pisa that it was removed from the exhibition in Pietrasanta. Sgarbi proposed it again, in Salemi, few time later.




Monks, Sandro, s/s 2017.

Un indovinato incontro tra le classicissime monkstrap, scarpe essenziali del guardaroba formale maschile, e le creepers, protagoniste di un’ondata neo-punk che interessa la moda odierna: pelle spazzolata e fibbia delle prime, forme massicce e suola spessa delle seconde. Così il brand parigino Sandro vede le scarpe per l’uomo “rampante” moderno, virile ma fashionista. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl. 

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