Dress as you eat. Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you how you dress. Vegan = fundalist minimalist. The 100% sustainable denim is ok, but a big no to animal leather. No to chicks, butterflies and tigers prints. Yes to fabric shoes, like espadrilles, and to a general, strong preference for neutral colors. The final effect is, often, a surprising mess, difficult to define: which is better, cause I hate labels. So do vegans. Vegetarians = rigorous creative. It seems like an oxymoron but it’s not. Bright colors matched with extreme care, slim fit or, if the weight doesn’t allow it due to an excessive carbs intake, the vegetarian opts for a vibrant melting pot of silhouettes and a mix of fabrics, from mohair to linen. Omnivorous = serial consumer. Heterogeneous in terms of food and style. Luxurious, empirical, showy. Generous. Everything and the opposite of everything is worth, only self confidence matters. And it’c cyclical: parka and turtle neck all winter long, printed shirt and beige trousers for the summer. The year after: camelhair coat and jacket…? I don’t know, still have to buy them.


New Vintage. On the right you can see Lew Ayres. The movie that made him a star, All Quiet on the Western Front, is of 1930, the same year of this picture. Ayres, pacifist, during the Second World War tried to enlist in the Red Cross: the military authorities refused. He declared himself to be conscientious objector and he was sent in the Pacific as a paramedic. He almost won the Oscar with Johnny Belinda (1948) but his career was already signed by the “shame”. Man of refined manners, he was refined in dressing as well. In the art of photography, the black and white gives back an unbeatable class. It’s easy to guess that Ayres’ look was in the shades of beige and khaki. His shoes, probably, were black. The modernity of this look is amazing. Despite 30s’ fashion is not a trend of this year’s s/s collections, that timeless style emerges in some shapes, volumes and shades. It won’t be difficult to find a similar jacket. It’s perfect, worn like this, with a pair of dark brogues and the shirt opened at the second button. It might be worth copying this outfit, which is wonderful. The american actor Lew Ayres in a picture of 1930.