MAX 2009

English Grunge was the title (and the mood) of this shooting: heavy jacquard jumpers, checked fabrics, oversized volumes. Ph. Michael Woolley, Styling Carlo Ortenzi.


MAX 2005

It was the return of “Hippy” fashion: bell-bottom jeans, embroidered shirts, silver rings, suede jackets. On the road with style. Ph. Mario Teli, Styling Carlo Ortenzi & Filippo Biraghi.


MAX 2013

When art meets fashion: here fiction replaces reality in the illustrations by Andrea Tarella; a man in a Gucci suit visits an imaginary art gallery. Ph. Luigi Miano, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta.


MAX 2010

The title of this shooting was “Once Upon a Time”. Accessories of an old time man, refined and elegant, shrouded by the passing of time: a nostalgic gaze on a past that should be restored. Ph. Michele Gastl, Styling Carlo Ortenzi.


MAX 2013

The most crazy and fashionable looks of the s/s 2013 interpreted by Saturnino, the bassist that, for Max, dared to wear a pvc trench in pvc and metallic snake boots. Ph. Toni Thorimbert, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta.