MAX 2005

It was the return of “Hippy” fashion: bell-bottom jeans, embroidered shirts, silver rings, suede jackets. On the road with style. Ph. Mario Teli, Styling Carlo Ortenzi & Filippo Biraghi.


MAX 2013

When art meets fashion: here fiction replaces reality in the illustrations by Andrea Tarella; a man in a Gucci suit visits an imaginary art gallery. Ph. Luigi Miano, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta.


MAX 2010

The title of this shooting was “Once Upon a Time”. Accessories of an old time man, refined and elegant, shrouded by the passing of time: a nostalgic gaze on a past that should be restored. Ph. Michele Gastl, Styling Carlo Ortenzi.


MAX 2013

The most crazy and fashionable looks of the s/s 2013 interpreted by Saturnino, the bassist that, for Max, dared to wear a pvc trench in pvc and metallic snake boots. Ph. Toni Thorimbert, Styling Alessandro Calascibetta.


MAX 2013

Vinicio Marchioni photographed at Magna Pars Suite Milano, after the great success of the TV series Romanzo Criminale, in which he played Il Freddo (The Impassive). The versatile roman actor, in this shot by Filippo Mutani, wore a “tough” Gucci total look, chosen by Carlo Ortenzi.