The art of matching. Selecting the proper accessories that matches your look seems easy, but even a little detail can ruin everything. To reduce the risks, respect the rule that want every accessory, from hat to socks, to be in pendant with the outfit; and no mistakes allowed even concerning the fabrics: there are also rules about matching different materials in the proper way. For example: don’t match cashmere with shearling, yes to shearling with tweed. Rather is better to opt for a complete change of fabric: nylon hat with camelhair coat. But personality is required, as well as for wearing red socks with a blue suit or sneakers with jeans: this is so obvious that the sneakers have to be really, really special. But if you have classic tastes, stay classic: blue with blue and denim only with desert boots.



Marsupio e Cappellino, Hermès, f/w 2017.

Per l’uomo Hermès f/w 2017, la designer Véronique Nichanian ha voluto, riuscendoci, realizzare una collezione che fondesse un look giovane e cool con quel senso di lusso timeless proprio della maison. “Ci sono tanti modi diversi per esprimere il concetto di mascolinità” afferma la Nichanian; per questa stagione la mascolinità è fatta di proporzioni inusuali negli abiti (spalle più ampie, pantaloni più stretti o più larghi, vita più alta), e di accessori tipicamente casual e teen, resi però understated dall’uso di colori scuri e materiali pregiati. Il berretto da baseball con stilizzato ricamo robot è realizzato in drap de cachemire idrorepellente, mentre il marsupio, portabile sulla schiena, a spalla o sul davanti, è fatto di Taurillon Cristobal con dettagli in palladio spazzolato. A cura di Angelica Pianarosa, Foto Michele Gastl.
For the Hermès f/w 17 man, the designer Véronique Nichanian

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Il terzo appuntamento di Style Tips si allinea con il periodo: festività su festività, voglia d’estate e gite fuori porta, vacanze imminenti (più o meno). E la categoria che decidiamo di affrontare è quella, spesso sottovalutata a livello stilistico, delle valigie.

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My evenings on the sofa. I know: it’s not proper to lay on the sofa wearing shoes. But I have to say that the mood of the picture I chose gives a feeling of great relax; so come on, be indulgent, only this time, I promise. And then there are lots of details I like: the turning table, the coffee mug, the scented candle. The carpet with geometrical pattern. The lighter (yes, I do smoke). This makes me think about when I come back home from work, after a hard day. Coffee (I drink a lot of coffee, even in the evening), cigarette and music. Laying on the sofa, playing Ruzzle and looking for new photographers, illustrators and artists on Instagram. But I take off my shoes.



Italy-France 1-1. France/Italy: the eternal conflict between two very similar cultures, between two countries that, after all, respect each other but often understand each other. In spite of the intellectual inclinations that we have in common, the love for art, gardening, food, design and fashion, just to mention a part of them, we think that french people are too snobbish and they think that we are too rowdy. There’s a little bit of truth in both cases, indeed…But their “snobbery” comes from the awareness of a sense of national union and cohesion that we – unfortunately – don’t feel so much. In this column we usually talk about fashion; let’s stay on the topic. Feminine fashion comes from them. The pret-à-porter from us. Fabrics are italian, but the skill and the genius of Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior are a milestone and, to this day, a model. The haute couture in french, while mensfashion comes from Italy. Nobody wins, nobody loses. But the natural elegance of our cousins has no equals in the world. They have a natural, almost unaware, style. They don’t show off like us, but you can notice them at a long distance. Maybe it means something. Ph. by William Klein from the book Paris+Klein (Contrasto Due).